Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office seeing uptick in unemployment scam calls over last few months

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md.- In Wicomico County, there’s been an uptick in unemployment scams calls.

Lieutenant Tim Robinson with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office said people are reporting they have been notified that the state is processing an unemployment claim in their name.

He said it’s creating concern because people receiving the calls haven’t filed for unemployment.

Robinson said the uptick has been happening over the last few months with the office getting around two to three calls daily.

“The way things are going right now many government offices, many people are working because of COVID they are working smaller staffed, a lot of people are working remote, and its quite possible that these bad actors are trying to take advantage of that situation right now,” Lt. Robinson, Wicomico Co. Sheriff’s Office, said.

Robinson said this is a nationwide issue and it’s an issue that’s hard for the Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

They are referring people to Maryland’s Department of Labor who are doing their own investigation on this right now.

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