Town of Berlin could be selling parcels of land at Heron Park, would help with funding for the town

BERLIN, Md.- The Town of Berlin has some decisions to make in the near future when it comes to possibly selling parcels of land at Heron Park.

A topic that is currently being discussed as it may impact the way the town does business.

“There were a couple of different parcels that make up that property and we have received some inquires about purchasing a few of those, none of which include the passive use area,” Zach Tyndall, the Mayor of Berlin, said.

Berlin’s Mayor said last week inquiries were made at the town council meeting about purchasing frontward facing parcels.

If they are sold, I’m told the profits would help make up for cleanup costs from 2019 chemical spill on the property.

The money could also be used to help maintain the recreational area.

“Half a million dollars also was taken out in the bond process for improvements, that went mostly to clean up work on the property and every year we still have to pay down the debt service on that bond,” Tyndall said.

Mayor Tyndall added that on the parcels of land there are buildings that currently are in use and the selling of the parcels may impact the way town operates.

“On the parcel that was recently appraised there a couple of buildings that are there that house snow plows, and different equipment, as well as some of our recyclables that’s where we currently have operation for the town,” Tyndall said.

While the town still needs to think things through, they plan to get public input.

One resident I spoke with said he understands why selling parcels may help Berlin financially, but he hopes whatever choice is made that it is in the best interest of Heron Park.

“I hope that whatever business or whatever goes in there kinda of makes sense or aligns with having a green public space,” Tyler Betz, a Berlin resident, said.

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