SECURE Act being reintroduced

47 ABC- Lawmakers say they’re pushing to restore Temporary Protected Status for those who have had to flee their home countries. Both of Maryland’s U.S. Senators say they are behind the initiative.

‘TPS’ is a temporary legal status granted to foreign citizens who had to leave their home countries due to on-going conflicts, environmental disasters, or even an epidemic. Legislators are pushing congress to put SECURE Act in place, which would provide stability by giving them the ability to apply for legal permanent residency.

“People that have mortgages, and now they don’t know what they’re going to do. So this would provide stability for those individuals,” says a Salisbury attorney, Eduardo Gonzalez.

“We need your activism in making this issue one in which Americans understand and know the urgency of getting done,” says Maryland Senator, Ben Cardin.

Even though it’s temporary legal officials say, one can reapply to have an extended stay here in America. Many families say they have greatly benefited from TPS and wish to gain citizenship.

Namrata Pokharel, a TPS recipient says, “I have always believed in hard work, and by TPS I have been given the opportunity to do well for myself and for my daughter.”

In 2020 a federal court ruled in favor of the Trump Administration, which halted the TPS program. However, now legislators are pushing to revive it with the SECURE act. For many families, there is a lot at stake if this doesn’t pass.

“Its tremendous stress on us whenever our TPS expires, very stressful knowing I could lose my job,” says another TPS recipient, Jossie Sapunar.

Another TPS recipient says, “I can’t imagine living without my mom which is why I’m in this fight and will continue to fight to keep my family together.”

Without the SECURE act and the continuation of the TPS program, families would be split apart and many of the TPS recipients are working citizens with lives here in America.

Gonzalez says, “I think that it would be a good idea to allow this to be introduced and to pass.” Senator Chris Van Hollen adds, “We of course are going to need republican support to get this done.”

State officials also say, right now there are about 411,000 people with TPS status in the U.S. TPS recipients who have been continuously present in the U.S. for at least three years, would be eligible to apply for legal permanent residency.

Maryland’s U.S. Senators also say, there is a lot of momentum in congress for change, considering the Biden administration says they’re in support of legal immigration.

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