Salisbury Airport holds ribbon cutting for new hangar dedicated to Unmanned Aircraft Systems

SALISBURY, Md.- The Salisbury Regional Airport held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new hangar dedicated to Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

The first of it’s kind at the airport.

Airport Manager, Tony Rudy, said there’s a huge potential at the hangar for different UAS operations.

These operations could deal with small drones all the way up to large airplanes.

Rudy said the hanger will be home to testing, training, and development of UAS projects through partnerships with universities, high schools, and commercial companies.

We are told Sentinel Robotic Solutions and Kilroy Aviation are just two of their partners that will help make a difference for the area.

“Kilroy is very unique in that they can certify aircraft to be flying in airspace, so that’s a very big component to this,” Rudy said.

“This is going to be the focal point for the UAS operations here, there will be educational components to it,” Rudy said.

Rudy said hopefully they can get UAS systems certified in the future, which could open new opportunities for manufacturers to come to the airport.

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