Rehoboth Beach prepares for out outdoor dining during 2021 summer season


REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. — With plans underway for the upcoming summer season, restaurants in Rehoboth Beach have already begun applying for the permit that allows outdoor seating on sidewalks and public areas.

According to city officials,  restaurants were advised to apply no later than March 1st if they wanted to offer outdoor seating in public spaces, like they did last year.

City manager, Sharon Lynn says that the deadline gives the city time to coordinate with the restaurants to maintain public safety during the pandemic so that outdoor dining can begin by the first weekend in April. We’re told during this time, city employees will be establishing how much distance is needed for pedestrians to be able to walk around the dining areas and avoid traffic at the same time. They also will be determining how many barriers each restaurant will need.

City officials add that retail businesses that place racks outside of their stores can have them up to three feet from the side of the building. If the businesses require racks that extend any farther than three feet from the building must also apply for an outdoor seating application.

Applications are currently under review and staff are contacting restaurants. The application for the outdoor seating application form can be found here.

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