New Interfaith shelter for single men and women, first look


EASTON, Del. – 47 ABC was able to get an inside look at the Talbot Interfaith new homeless shelter. The shelter will house up to 14 single men and women for long term stays.

We’re told people will learn how to get out of poverty and homelessness. Talbot Interfaith says when they opened their first shelter for families seven years ago, there was a lot of back-lash. However since then, the community has come to support them. Due to the communities help, they were able to fully furnish the house and get people the resources needed.

“Our goal is to really heal the root of how they got into this position and help them develop the skills and resources that they need to get out of it and stay out of it and be very successful once they leave our program,” says marketing and development director, Jayme Dingler.

Before they open, we’re told there are still a few upgrades needed and a fire suppression system needs to be installed. They are currently looking to open their doors in mid-march.

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