Md. Attorney General leading coalition to pass national voting bill

MARYLAND – Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is leading a coalition across the nation to ensure fair voting and increase voting accessibility. “There are problems all over the country, and since the beginning of this year, there have been over 160 pieces of legislations introduced in states throughout the country, including Maryland, to limit peoples’ access to the vote,” said Attorney General Frosh.

The For the People Act of 2021 is an omnibus package that is designed to make it easier for people to vote and protect elections from foreign interference. It would also require disclosure of any donations to political campaigns over $10,000 and prevent gerrymandering. “This is the ultimate good government bill. It takes issues like voting, gerrymandering, dark money, and unethical conduct in office, and puts them all together,” said Attorney General Frosh.

Attorney General Frosh tells 47ABC that with all of these parts working together, he expects to see more voter engagement if the act passes. “I think you’ll see a more robust democracy. I think it will allow more people, and encourage more people to participate, to vote, to be active, and they should have greater confidence in their government,” said Attorney General Frosh.

Attorney General Frosh says the House might be voting on the act in the coming weeks. He adds that he is expecting to see some opposition from the Republican minority, but is hopeful that it won’t come to a filibuster.  “I think it’s not difficult to achieve. The difficulty will be in getting it passed. There are representatives poised to pass it. But in the Senate I’m afraid it’s going to meet with opposition from the Republican minority,” said Attorney General Frosh.

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