Local leaders pushing state and federal officials to get vaccinations distributed

MARYLAND- Some local health departments and leaders are calling for a push at the state and federal level to get vaccinations distributed to their counties.

“It’s not a local problem, it’s at the state and the federal level in insuring that we get the doses that we need,” Chip Bertino, Worcester County Commissioner, said.

In Worcester County, specifically, we are told that there is demand for vaccines, but the supply is simply not there.

“Three or 400 doses a week, while we do appreciate the state sending us anything so we can get it out there, it is just not able to meet the amount of people who want it,” Travis Brown, Public Affairs Officer of the Worcester County Health Department, said.

The Worcester County Health Department said the formula that the state is using to determine how many doses of the vaccine counties get is based on population.

But they requested the state make a change, with people having vacation homes in the area.

“We are hoping they will take into account some of the seasonal nature of our population, and increase that dosage up the next tier or two,” Brown said.

Worcester County Commissioner, Chip Bertino, agrees that more needs to be done from state and federal officials, and he doesn’t just want answers, he wants to see action.

“It doesn’t do any good to talk about the fact that we aren’t getting them, we need to actually get them,” Bertino said.

We also wanted to know the answer to that question.

So, I reached out to the state about local leaders need for action.

Here’s what they told me.

They communicate weekly and recommend that the congressional delegation focus on helping them get more supply from the federal government.

We asked the Worcester County Health Department if they have any opinion on the mass vaccination clinics, including the ones over the bridge.

They said they are all in this together and it’s not a competition between counties, they are sure those clinics are reaching a lot people.

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