Live Green: Sprout

EASTON, MD– Five years ago, one couple’s idea of putting sustainable, organic and local foods into people’s refrigerators sprouted into a business on the Mid-Shore. Check out this week’s Live Green with Sprout.

Based on the Mid-Shore, Sprout, which serves homestyle cooked meals made from local, sustainable ingredients, focuses on sourcing local to keep money in the community and support farmers.

“When you’re sourcing local, you’re sourcing from community. You know where your product is coming from. You know where your money is being spent. You know where it’s being invested. It’s very important to us for consumers to know where their food is coming from and how it is being handled,” said Ryan Groll.

Plus, sourcing local allows consumers to stay educated about where their food is coming from, which is what Sprout’s owners call food transparency. Ryan Groll, one of the owners, tells us that due to the demand for their eco-conscious meals they realized they needed to make changes, which included expanding their list of local farm vendors to seven.

“As things started to grow, organically– no pun intended–people wanted more. They wanted more variety and more food. More farmers started to approach us because they had different things they wanted us to utilize,” said Groll.

Three years ago, Sprout opened their first café in Easton and another one in St. Michaels, which the owner says are zero waste facilities as they use biodegradable packaging for their meals and compost their food waste.

“We have this really huge compost bin in the back that we use for food waste to give back to our farmers. It’s like this really cool cycle. We buy pork from Abundant Grace Farms and what we do is that he brings us pork. Then, over a couple days we fill this massive bins that we give back to him to feed his animals,” explained Groll.

Plus, the farmers also fertilize their crops with the compost. Further, portraying Sprout as the link that connects their community and farmers together on the Mid-Shore in a sustainable chain to keep Delmarva green.

Starting in the spring, Sprout will have a year round, indoors farmer’s market at their St. Michael’s café for the community and farmers. To find out more information please visit Sprout’s website.

If you know a green business on Delmarva, send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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