Hindu prayers to open city council meeting

MILFORD, Del. – Monday night for the first time, Milford City Council is opening their council session with Hindu prayers.

Hindu states-man, Rajan Zed will deliver the ancient Sanskrit scriptures remotely before the city council meeting. After the Sanskrit delivery, council officials say Zed will read the English interpretation of the prayers.

Mayor of Milford, Arthur Campbell says Milford has grown so much in the past few years and now seemed like a good time to introduce something different.
Mayor Campbell says he’s used to working with those who speak different languages.

When Zed approached him about opening the city council session with a Hindu prayer, he thought this would be a great opportunity to include someone of a different culture to Milford.

“I’ve encountered some things living in Delaware and I’ve traveled all over the county and over seas, but it’s different, it’s growing, a lot of people are moving in from more progressive states so I think the attitudes are changing which is good,” says Mayor Campbell.

Mayor Campbell also says, he believes he will get a lot of feedback after the prayer, but hopes citizens are appreciative and welcoming of another culture. The city council will discuss ordinances, approval of developments, and working on cleaning up the city of Milford.

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