Gov. Carney modification to State of Emergency declaration, eases occupancy restrictions and more

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor John Carney has issued the sixth modification to his Omnibus State of Emergency declaration, easing COVID-19 occupancy restrictions and requiring Delaware vaccination providers to report complete demographic information within 24 hours of administering a vaccine to the Delaware Immunization Information System.

We’re told this modification also requires healthcare providers, pharmacies, and other entities that provide vaccinations to offer the shots free of charge, although insurance information may be collected. Enrolled vaccination providers must follow eligibility criteria in the state’s COVID-19 vaccination program as defined by the Division of Public Health.

Failure to comply with data reporting requirements on Thursday’s order may result in fines for providers, as well as reductions in vaccine allocation.

Effective at 8 a.m. Friday, February 12th, occupancy inside restaurants, retail locations, gyms, houses of worship, arts venues, and other business locations must not exceed 50 percent of stated fire capacity. Businesses must continue to follow social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions issued by local and state governments.

In addition, this modification also allows youth and amateur sports tournaments to resume with a plan approved by DPH. Delawareans who travel out of state for sports tournaments and competitions are no longer required, but strongly encouraged, to self-quarantine in accordance with DPH guidance.

The modification extends consumer and voting protections during the pandemic. Effective 9 a.m. Thursday, this modification strengthens a previous prohibition on price gouging and allows Delawareans to cast absentee ballots in 2021 municipal elections due to the pandemic.

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