Doctors explain: Is it possible that you only need a single dose of the vaccine, if you’ve previously had COVID-19?

DELMARVA- When it comes to COVID-19, there’s still unanswered questions and studies being done.

One question is, if you have have been previously infected with COVID-19 is it possible that you only need a single dose of the vaccine?

“It’s very exciting to hear that some of the data is showing that people have been previously infected with COVID-19 form such an immune response from one vaccine that they may not need the second,” Dr. Sally Dowling, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Atlantic General, said.

We are told researchers are looking at the immune response of people who had COVID-19- and what that response looks like following their first shot of the vaccine.

Doctors said for people who had COVID-19 and recovered there are special proteins that likely protect them for at least 90 days.

“So, theoretically its almost like that was their first dose of immunization and then the actual immunization that they receive is kind of like the booster or second immunization,” Dr. Dowling said.

While this may be the case, Dr. Bill Chasanov, at Beebe Healthcare, said that as of right now recommendations or guidelines for getting that second dose hasn’t changed.

“The recommendation is still if you have recovered from COVID-19 still receive your dose one and your dose two of the COVID-19 vaccine,” Dr. Chasanov, said.

But he added that as we continue to hear more and more about other vaccines we could see changes made in the future.

” For instance the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a one dose, is a one dose vaccine and does not require a second dose,” Dr. Chasanov, said.

Dr. Dowling said that if recommendations change about the second dose for people who have been previously infected with COVID-19 it could potentially create more availability for vaccines nationally.

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