The Brightside: Friendship Stitched Together

DELAWARE – On any given day, you can find Marcy Fink knitting in her home in Delaware with her best friend. Except, her best friend, Jan Aitken, is all the way in New Zealand.

The two met online a few weeks ago on a Facebook group called Addicted to Knitting, and were instantly inseparable. Except, of course, for the screen between them.

“She’s just like a kindred spirit to me,” Jan said of Marcy.

It all started with Marcy asking Jan for help on a shawl design that she wanted to knit for an upcoming family wedding.

“Then I would just send progress shots to her of how I was doing,” Marcy explained.

And once the shawl was complete, their friendship was also successfully woven together.

“And then we just, we just kept it going, and we would talk, she would ask what was going on in the united states, and we would talk about politics, and we would talk about the coronavirus,” Marcy said.

Besides those conversations, it’s the parallels that they’ve found between their lives that make them even closer.

“She has things in her house that I have in my house, it’s like, I’m adopted and when I met my birth mother, she was wearing a t-shirt that I had,” Jan said.

And even though their friendship was born in the pandemic era where they’ve been stuck at home, the two say they’re friends for life.

“Forever,” Marcy said. “Absolutely forever. This is not a friendship that’s going to end.”

“The universe provides us friends and family in such odd ways, and Marcy to me just feels like she’s always been part of my life,” Jan added.

It’s friendship stitched together, all thanks to the love of knitting.

“I think it’s just like having a sister over the seas, it’s so lovely just having this natural, organic, authentic friendship come out of knitting,” Jan said.

If you’re wondering if the two will ever meet, they say they do plan on it one day when it’s safer to do so. And if you’re wondering where they’ll meet, they say halfway to each other in Hawaii.


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