The Brightside: Clothing Our Kids

MILLSBORO, Del. – When kids in Sussex County are in need of clothing, one organization is ready to step in and help. They’re called Clothing our Kids, and they’re entirely run by volunteers who just want to make a difference.

“Working with clothing our kids, to me, is a gift,” Kate Gibson, the president of the organization, said. Kate works with dozens of volunteers who have made it their mission to make sure every kid in Sussex County has clean, comfortable clothing.

“It is in great need, and the organization has been able to contribute over 150,000 articles of clothing to 33 elementary schools in Sussex County,” Kathleen Schell, one volunteer, said.

Here’s how it works: local school guidance counselors or nurses contact the organization when they notice a kid in need. Then volunteers shop for those kids in the organization’s Millsboro building, that’s filled wall to wall with clothing donated from people, businesses, and sponsors. The outfits are then given to the school guidance counselor or nurse and then handed off to the student’s parents.

“There’s over 150 people that volunteer their time to keep the store open, and running, and communicating with the school nurses, and getting those items out to the children that most need them,” Kathleen said.

It’s a discrete operation, one that would not function without the work of volunteers who just want to make kids feel special. All of that work is worth it though, Kate says, when they get updates, or even pictures, about the kids they’ve helped.

“We did get one of this little boy, he’s 8 years old, all of his clothes are laid out on the floor, and he’s just got this gorgeous smile on his face, and what does that do to all of us? Oh gosh, it fills us with such joy and relief,” Kate said.

A relief to know that kids not only have clean shirts and pants and everything else, but that it’s clothing that makes them feel confident.

“Your sense of self-worth is so important as you’re growing up, and there’s so much damage if you don’t have it as you age, that giving kids clothes that matter to them, that make them feel good, helps with that,” Kim Plum, another volunteer, said.

If you want to donate clothing to the organization or learn more, you can visit their website.

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