Recovery plan proposal for DE businesses

DELAWARE – Delaware’s Business round-table (DBRT) and Delaware state chamber of commerce (DSCC) has outlined the essential priorities and recommendations to help the state’s economy recover.

This proposal states that DBRT and DSCC want to provide solutions to the state’s economy such as tax relief for those who received unemployment due to the pandemic, and holding off on tax increases for small businesses.

According to those with the business roundtable this past year resulted in tens of thousands of fewer jobs, people without health-care, and consistent income.
They’re proposing worker training, getting people business permits, and over all, providing solutions that will not only build the economy, but help citizens get back on their feet.

“That would be the goal long term, to have more employment, more opportunities for people and to allow them to move forward in their careers to be able to sustain their families and be prosperous,” says the Executive Director of the Delaware Business Roundtable. “We’ll be able to look at 2022 not only as back to normal, the way we used to think of, but we’ve moved forward.”

Governor John Carney will address some of the priorities listed in the proposal Thursday, January 28th at the Fiscal Year 2022 budget.

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