Pocomoke mayoral election confusion

POCOMOKE CITY, Md – Pocomoke City will have a tight timeline to meet if they want to hold off from having their second mayoral election in two years.

As it stands right now the council would have to pass an amendment to make the change. If they don’t the city could end up having their second mayoral election in two years. Now the back story is a bit confusing, but we’re going to try to break it down.

In 2019 an amendment to the charter was made so that in April 2021,  a mayoral election would be held and the term would change to four years. Despite having that on the charter, an election was still held in 2020.

So Thursday night an amendment was proposed that would fix this. If passed, the amendment would allow Mayor Susan Marshall Harrison to finish her three-year term. Then in 2023,  another mayoral election would be held with the winner then staying in office for four years.

The timeline to getting it passed looked like this.

After Thursday night’s first reading, the city has to advertise there will be a public hearing for 21 days.

  •  February 12th – that public hearing happens – and a vote is held.
  •  Then there has to be a 40 day waiting period,  where a petition could be filed for a referendum.
    • If that happens that throws things off the timeline and the election happens.
  •  However, if there is no referendum, then April 3rd -10 days after that 40 day waiting period closes the charter amendment becomes effective.
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