Pocomoke High School students trying to lift spirits with parade in March

POCOMOKE, Del.- With the help of music, team work, and the community some students from Pocomoke High School are preparing to host a parade in Pocomoke City in March.

“I just hope that it’s just like a normal parade and that everyone has a lot of fun,” Bethanni Russell, one of the Captains for PHS Majorettes, said.

Members of the Pocomoke High Majorettes and Cheerleaders told me that usually their team and classmates have a parade and sports season that they look forward to.

Due to the pandemic, they could not participate in a parade this year, which they say was especially upsetting for seniors.

“We are all really upset when we figured out we wouldn’t be able to participate in the Christmas parade,” Russell said.

So, with the disappointment of not having these events the students decided to plan a parade themselves.

“So, we organized practices and we planned routines and we got everyone together so we can have our final performance,” Ty’Lia Branch, one of the Captains for PHS Majorettes, said.

The students were able to get permission of the Mayor to have the parade and also got sports teams on board to participate.

And now the Pocomoke High Majorettes and Cheerleaders have been practicing their routines socially distanced and are eager to show them off March 20th.

“I’m like really proud of us because we put a lot of work into this and it’s work outside of school so we are going above and beyond for our ourselves and our community,” Russell said.

Overall, students I spoke with say they hope that this parade is not only a memorable event for high school seniors, but for the community as well.

“I hope younger kids when they do get to high school they’ll want to do it and they will see how much fun it is and plus everyone’s been in the house or working and cant really go anywhere, so it will be a good experience for everyone to come together,” Branch said.

While the date of the parade is set for March 20th, they will reschedule it for March 27 if it rains.

The parade is set to happen on Market Street.

We are told the Mayor, the police department, and fire department will also be in the parade.

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