New program for SBY community starting Jan.23, helping to get people outside during COVID-19

SALISBURY, Md.- Wicomico Environmental Trust and the City of Salisbury is hosting a four week program starting January 23, at the Salisbury City Park called, Bundle up and Get Out, that will keep residents active during these winter months.

“It brings people together, empowers people but also gives us something to look forward to,” Kacey Martin,  Artist Coordinator and Contributing Artist, said.

Art installations abound along a path created by local artists using natural materials.

“It gives us another reason to come to the park, it gives us another thing to see its not just the same walk around the park,” Dan O’Hare, President of Wicomico Environment Trust, said.

But that’s not all, the Poet Laureate of Salisbury, will help guide your journey, leaving poems that have hidden clues in them.

The clues will lead kids to the hidden objects hiding along the way where they can then keep the objects or add them to a community art exhibit at the end of the trail.

“I want them to come back and come out of there feeling like they’re not the same people they are anymore, their perspective has been enlarged and changes,” Nancy Mitchell, Salisbury Poet Laureate, said.

We are told the goal of this program is to keep people active during COVID-19.

It also is a great way to bring people together and give community members a new perspective.

“It will be nice to help influence others to get in contact with nature especially due to the time being locked inside,” Dean McNelia, Installation Artist, said.

“Could inspire them to write something, to make something, maybe even just to think differently,” James Harrell, Art Director and Contributing Artist, said.

While the program will only run for four weekends, those involved hope to grow the initiative in the future.

“Our hopes is that it will progress as each week goes on and it builds to maybe we can also have this in the spring time to get people out in different parts of the seasons,” McNelia said.

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