New education relief funding for Maryland schools

MARYLAND – Monday Governor Larry Hogan announced an additional $20.7 million relief fund as schools work to get students back into the classroom.

The relief fund is split three ways, the competitive innovation grants, community college workforce development programs, independent colleges and schools for the deaf and blind.

Governor Hogan says the goal for this relief fund is to help schools do the most good for their students. Director of Leadership and School Improvement for Dorchester County Public Schools, Regina Teat says this relief fund could not have come at a better time.

“We’ll look to any opportunities to enhance that, provide extra tutoring, extra time to make a difference,” says Teat. “It’s giving us an opportunity to be really thoughtful and intentional in making those plans.”

The governor says he will make additional education announcements throughout the week regarding funding for schools, as students and staff prepare to go back before March 1st.

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