“Gun Shop Project” to assist in suicide prevention


DELAWARE – Delaware legislators have a few bills on the agenda, which they say they hope will be completed in the near future. One house bill in particular involves gun shops and their role in suicide prevention.

House Bill 55 would establish the “Gun Shop Project” which state officials say, creates and provides suicide prevention education materials and training for dealers and consumers in Delaware.

Bill sponsors say employees working in a gun shop receive training to notice warning signs, as well as provide information on suicide prevention. Then when someone comes in to a gun shop, they receive education material about suicide if purchasing a firearm.

This bill will not be made to prohibit people from purchasing guns, but gives people an extra resource about suicide prevention.

“So if this is a small thing that we can do to bring a bigger emphasis on the issue, and one of the things that’s often a choice for many in suicide is a firearm, it just helps bring the focus for people to understand and think about those situations,” says Delaware Representative, Ruth Briggs-King. “If it prevents any type of suicidal at all, it’s certainly worth it.”

The bill is out of the committee and ready for the house, and if approved will go over to the senate to be voted on. According to Rep. Briggs-King, she believes this bill has a good chance of passing, as 21 other states have also passed similar bills.

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