Governor Carney lifts curfew for bars and restaurants


DELAWARE – Governor John Carney announced, the curfew restriction for bars and restaurants has been lifted. Although many restaurants say they could use the extended hours to gain lost revenue, some aren’t sure if this is actually good news.

The restaurant industry has seen many challenges within the past year, between lower capacity, strict curfews, and social distancing businesses have struggled.
One restaurant owner states, although this curfew could help some businesses begin to gain more business, the health risks are weighing heavy on many owners.-

Some say they’re stuck between helping their employees keep their job, and keeping people healthy. As much as restaurant need the revenue, some owners criticize the leadership that made business this difficult in the first place due, to constant restrictions.

“We’re down 70% some restaurants even higher, and you’re basically just waiting for that next bailout,” says owner of Mango and Heidaway, Alex Heidenberger.
He also states “we’ve tried so hard to support where we can but we have a much smaller check book then we used to.”

Heidenberger tells people to continue to support local restaurants and order directly from them, even if it’s curbside. He says he hopes this curfew helps, but he always wants restaurant employees and customers to stay healthy in light of this pandemic.

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