Facebook blocking Trump not a First Amendment violation, local professor says

DELAWARE – Following Wednesday’s deadly riot on Capitol Hill, Facebook has indefinitely blocked President Donald Trump’s from posting from his account. Now questions are circulating, asking, is this a violation of the first amendment?

Dr. Sam Hoff from Delaware State University says he doesn’t think so. Dr. Hoff says that while the First Amendment does of course protect freedom of speech, that doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. Speech that incites violence, for example, would not be protected by the amendment.

But more importantly, Dr. Hoff says he doesn’t see this as a violation of the First Amendment, because President Donald Trump is subject to the same terms and conditions that any other ordinary citizen would agree to when they sign up to use those platforms.

“Facebook, like many other companies on social media, is a private company. Now that does not exempt them from violating the law themselves, but it does allow them to provide rules and guidelines,” Dr. Hoff said.

Twitter also temporarily banned the president from tweeting on Wednesday, but he was back on the social media platform yesterday when he posted a video saying a new administration would be inaugurated on January 20.

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