Dentist confusion about vaccination, is cleared up

MARYLAND – As COVID-19 vaccines continue to be administered throughout the State of Maryland – some dentists in the Baltimore area have been speaking out and expressing frustration that they weren’t included in this first phase of distribution. In fact, they’ve created a petition to inspire change.

However, on Tuesday December 5th, Governor Larry Hogan cleared up the confusion, making it clear that all licensed, registered, and certified health care providers are included in Phase 1A. That would include dentists in the state.

Before this announcement, there seemed to be a lot of confusion as to whether or not dentists are included in the first phases of distribution. While some local dentists I spoke with say they haven’t been able to receive the vaccine, others say they have.

The petition out of Baltimore expresses frustration with the state allegedly not considering dentists as high risk health care workers. However, Dr. Gregory Allen a Salisbury Dentist says, his office was able to get vaccinated.

He says his office kept up with legislation to stay informed about the vaccine, so that’s why they were able to get it. Dr. Allen adds, the local health department actually sent out an email to dental institutions like his, letting them know they are in fact eligible to get the vaccine.

Dr. Allen says he’s relieved dentists are being included, as they play a vital role in keeping the public healthy.

“It would be one more step to making sure that we can take care of the citizens on the eastern shore safely,” says Dr. Allen. “We should be top of the heap because of the risk so I understand their concerns and I really think it should be addressed, there’s no question in my mind.”

Dr. Allen also advises dentists and health care workers to stay up to date with legislation and COVID resources to ensure they receive the vaccine.
He also adds that any dentist not being notified about being able to receive the vaccine, should reach out to their local health department because dentists are still highly at risk.

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