DelDOT monitoring snow conditions, advising people to drive slowly

DELAWARE- The Delaware Department of Transportation is continuing to prepare for the snow and reminding people to be cautious on the roadways.

We are told that DelDOT has been monitoring the conditions throughout the Sunday.

They have plows out across the county that are putting salt down.

DelDOT added that these plows will be out throughout the overnight hours to keep roadways safe.

The director for community relations said during these weather conditions they see more car accidents and they are usually speed related.

So, he is encouraging people to be aware and careful while driving.

“So, slowing down is really the key, and that really can help eliminate a lot of those collisions that may happen, from not having enough space to stop if it’s slippery or losing control of a vehicle, and we absolutely don’t want to see that happen,” C.R. McLeod, Director for Community Relations of DelDOT, said.

We are told that if you go on the DelDOT App or website you can use their 200 plus traffic cameras to look at roadway and weather conditions and see where their plows are active.

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