Del. state senator will make history when she’s sworn in next week

DELAWARE – Next week Sarah McBride will make United States history when she is sworn in to be a Delaware state senator. When she is sworn in, McBride will become the first transgender state senator in the country. She will also be the highest-ranking transgender official in United States history. “I hope by her example we see in other parts of the country all around that transgender candidates can win elections and can be excellent elected officials,” said Executive Director of CAMP Rehoboth David Mariner.

Mariner says McBride’s swearing in paints a bright picture for Delaware’s LGBTQ+ community. He adds that he’s excited to have another roll model for LGBTQ+ youth. “I think the historic nature of Sarah McBride’s victory feels very meaningful to everyone to all of us here at CAMP Rehboth. But it’s particularly meaningful for LGBTQ youth in the state of Delaware who have an amazing role model to look up to,” said Mariner.

McBride isn’t the only LGBTQ+ legislator who will be sworn into office soon. Marie Pinkney will also be sworn into Delaware’s State Senate. Eric Morrison will take his seat in the Delaware House of Representatives.

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