DE Dept. of Education implement’s free learning workshop

DELAWARE – Staying the first state  the department of education is now offering a series of free virtual family education workshops.

Program officials say this comes at a time when education is changing and they want to teach parents how to provide their kids with the greatest amount of academic success.

Although this workshop is said to be focusing on topics to accommodate the current learning structure, the director of the program says this workshop is meant to be applicable to all learning periods.

“Just to add a few more tools in their tool box to put our parents in a better position to be able to navigate what’s going on educationally with our students,” says    Delaware Dept Education State Migrant Education Program Director, Eric Stancell.

Darrel ‘Coach D’ Andrews, and education consultant and author adds “I’m hoping that the parents who come on will bring their own synergy their own insights and strategies and maybe create some type of parent community of practice and kind of encourage each other during these challenging times.”

The first session will be held next Monday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and if you want to learn more you can contact Eric Stancell at 302-857-3333, or Darrell Andrews at 302-834-1040 for more information. You can also reach out to your local school district if you want to learn more about the workshop.

Virtual workshop information

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