COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out, what it was like from those who received it


MARYLAND – In Maryland, more than 100,000 COVID-19 vaccines were distributed.

But what exactly was the experience like… for those who received it?

“You sit down, they put alcohol on your arm just like you would a flu shot and it doesn’t hurt any more than a flu shot when it’s going in,” said Pain and Medicine Doctor in Maryland, Lynn Staggs.

Staggs has already completed both doses of the vaccine.  She tells 47ABC that after receiving it, there was little to no side effects.
“There was no fever, no fatigue, I worked every day since then and on the day that I received it… which was very early in the morning,” Staggs explained.
EMS Captain for the Salisbury Fire Department, Christopher Truitt, says he had a similar experience.
“Immediately, it felt like a normal flu shot or vaccine really. After yeah, my arm felt a little sore but that was part of the known side effects,” said Truitt.
 Despite concerns,  they are hopeful others will take part in getting the vaccination as part of a fight for herd immunity.
“I would encourage patients to go ahead and get it, particularly those most vulnerable, diabetic, overweight, some of these things that make them more highly at risk,” said Staggs.
“So it tells your cells, it’s like hitting print on a printer, it’s just telling the cell to make its own vaccine. Your body makes the vaccine that’s it, it’s so safe,” said Truitt.
Even with the unfamiliarity that comes with this new vaccine, they both agree that there were no questions asked when it came to getting it.
“I felt it was as a part of being safer for the patients I see, it was my obligation and responsibility to have the vaccine,” said Staggs.
Throughout the state, vaccines will continue to be distributed in phases.
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