Contactless at home rapid COVID-19 tests in demand, one company helping to fill that need

DELMARVA- As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise across the nation, the demand for tests has increased as well.

one company is hoping their at-home rapid tests can help fill that need.

“The reason that so many people are getting tested is because they’re seeing a lot more positives,” Chris Leblo, Chief Operations Officer of Televideo Care, said.

Leblo is the Chief Operations Officer of Texas-based Televideo Care.

“We noticed that there was a lot of medical professionals that were actually catching COVID by giving COVID tests,” Leblo said.

So they’ve eliminated that contact.

Here’s how it works, you order the home nasal swab called Access Bio Antigen tests.

Then the company walks you through the process though a Tele-health video call.

“They open it up and then they get on the call with us, walk them through it, we proctor the test, while they’re on the call with us and then we read the results,” Leblo said.

Leblo said it only takes about ten minutes for results, but just how accurate are these results?

A local doctor at TidalHealth Peninsula regional tells us while at-home kits may seem convenient, they aren’t as effective as the ones they use in their hospital.

“It’s more sensitive, it picks up the virus if its there, and its also more specific, and that if you get a positive result you can have a higher degree of confidence that it is truly from the virus,” Beth Prouse, Clinical Microbiologist at TidalHealth said.

The doctor added that user error can create a higher possibility of getting a false negative, so you should proceed with caution.

“It’s not something they can take shortcuts with, they’ll have to be very careful in how they perform the test,” Prouse said.

The Tele-video care chief said the Access Bio test is 95% accurate, and that some customers purchase these at home tests because they don’t have any concerns that they’re sample will get switched with someone else’s.

We are told by Leblo that this testing is currently available for the whole country and requires cash pay, but is 100% reimbursable by your insurance provider.

They add that their tests are the same ones that hospitals use and you can learn more about them at

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