Certain people without health insurance could have COVID-19 treatment costs completely covered


BERLIN, Md. – Local hospitals say there is a part of the CARES Act that could cover costs for COVID-19 treatments. Under the CARES Act, certain individuals who are uninsured could get treated for COVID-19 without paying a penny. “We would typically submit – after we determine there is no other insurance available – on their behalf so they would never receive a bill. I do believe that they are probably unaware of that,” said Chief Financial Officer at Atlantic General Hospital Cheryl Nottingham.

Some local hospitals that are taking part in this include Beebe, TidalHealth, and Atlantic General Hospital. Nottingham says those folks they could be hesitant to go get treatment. She says that’s because of the financial burden they think they might have to bear. “From a financial perspective that is an obstacle sometimes for care – that people are hesitant because of financial constraints. We do see patients that put off care or wait to have care,” said Nottingham.

Nottingham says the hospital also has options for patients who do not have COVID-19, but still need help paying for care. For more information about COVID-19 claims reimbursements, click here.

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