Boonies celebrates their reopening day after over a year of being closed

TYASKIN, Md.- A local Maryland restaurant was filled with people Wednesday evening, as they came to celebrate the reopening of Boonies, which closed over a year ago after a truck crashed into it.

“I think it’s just great to get everybody back together and get the community back together with us and start off the new year,” John Knorr, the co-owner of Boonies said.

We are told by Knorr that the Tyaskin restaurant had to shut down the interior because of the damage.

Since having to close their doors, they rebuilt and remodeled the place.

“The unfortunate part was it put a lot of our staff out of work for quite awhile, but we’ve got them back and I think our redesign and our new menu will actually boost our employment out here,” Knorr said.

Knorr said rebuilding their restaurant during COVID-19 presented some challenges.

“When we were trying to buy things to rebuild the restaurant massive delays both from the suppliers and shipping has been a disaster,” Knorr said.

But those in the community said they’re happy the Knorr’s stuck with it, and reopened the restaurant.

“We are really, really pleased that the Knorr’s made the decision to do the renovation after the horrible accident keep their people employed, continue to provide important tax dollars to the county 29>

And they hope that the community continues to support the restaurant to help them thrive during the pandemic.

“It is important your locals as much as you can, these people have hung on in really hard times,” Susan Bowman, a customer, said.

“We’re hoping to make this place a staple for the Eastern Shore, especially out here there’s not a lot of restaurants,” James Suttmiller, the head chef at Boonies, said.

We are told the restaurant is following CDC guidelines.

They are told it is easy to social distance because they have enough space to put tables six feet a apart.

Boonies is open from Wednesday through Sunday.

During the week they open at 4, and on the weekends they open at 12.

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