As Harriet Tubman comes close to being put on the 20 dollar bill, local advocates note her significance


The Biden Administration has revived a plan to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill.
Originally Obama’s idea, the Trump administration nixed it. Richard Potter- president of the Talbot County NAACP, feels that this change is likely.

He tells 47ABC, “I’m very optimistic as I’ve seen some of the commentary that I’ve been watching as it relates to Bidens bills that he is looking to get through congress. I’m hopeful this too will pass.”

For justice advocates in the Eastern Shore, the change is welcome. The Eastern Shore was where Tubman began her famous journey towards freedom.

Linda Harris of the Harriet Tubman museum leads the “We Walk Walk Harriet” journey where she and others walk 116 miles- 20 miles a day to honor her legacy.

Harris tells 47ABC, “Harriet Tubman this young, intrepid woman decided that slavery was a horrible thing and she didn’t want that anymore and she walked to freedom she walked 90 miles to freedom in the dark following the north star.”

The advocates spoken with say that Andrew Jackson has a tarnished legacy- being a strong proponent of slavery.

Harris continued, “he was such a tyrant and he believed in enslaving people, but that’s not what America was about. People came to America to be free, so the whole slave system was horrible.”

While Tubman made her mark on the Eastern shore, some advocates feel there is still racism to battle here.
With Tubman on the bill, serving as a visual reminder to people, it may get the conversation going.

Potter says, “I see that as an opportunity to look at these messages we have such as in Talbot county we have a Confederate monument on the courthouse of lawn. How can we signify people of color can come to that courthouse and have a fair and just trial when you have a confederate monument with a confederate flag on there?”

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