ACLU shares concerns and priorities with DE legislation

DELAWARE – Legislation says they have their work cut out for them with all that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has put on the table. The ACLU says they have numerous concerns this year, and among those are education reform, racial justice and equity, as well as prison reforms. They say a lot of these concerns come after a difficult year.

“We’re coming off of a year where many people felt very sad and sometimes hopeless about the direction of our country,” says Mike Brickner, Executive Director of the ACLU in Delaware.

The ACLU of Delaware is starting off the year with what legislators say is a hefty list of concerns and priorities.  Many of these concerns have been around for years according to their directors but one in particular seems to be a common focus among legislation; education reform.

“The school funding reform and education equity, I think that’ll be a priority that will need to be done,” says, state representative of the 37th District in Delaware, Ruth Briggs-King. “A person’s zip code should not determine the quality of their education.”

Brickner tells 47 abc, education equity and funding is at the top of their list for legislation to address this year. Not only education, but justice reform is also a major priority for them. “Getting a clean slate initiative bill past that will allow past crimes to be automatically removed from a person record,” says Brickner.

However, Delaware legislator Briggs-King thinks differently. She states, although someone can be reformed, more importantly there needs to be justice for the victim.

Brickner and Briggs-King do however, agree that among their concerns, there needs to be a genuine conversation between groups such as ACLU and legislators to address concerns on both sides.

“So I think the legislator and definitely the county are definitely going to have to look at how they’re going to provide funding for some areas where that might be that gap,” says Briggs-King. “Now is the time again where we can actually restore hope into our community here in Delaware,” adds Brickner.

Among other concerns brought to legislation by the ACLU are same-day voter registration, voting by mail, reforming fines and fees, and passing the public health credit bill. The Delaware ACLU is hosting a public virtual briefing on their priority items on Thursday, January 14th at 6 p.m.

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