TidalHealth Peninsula Regional temporarily suspending valet service

Tidal Health

SALISBURY, Md. – With the surge of coronavirus cases in the area, TidalHealth has announced that starting Monday, December 7th, valet services at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional are being temporarily suspended.

We’re told the decision was made to eliminate close interaction and handoffs in enclosed areas like personal vehicles.

Staff will remain stationed at the Main (Hanna Outpatient), Volunteer Services, and Richard A. Henson Cancer Insitute entrances and will assist with parking instructions. If request, they will also follow patients to their parking spots and provide transportation to and from the entrance via TidalHealth operated golf carts and other open-air transportation vehicles. Patients may also call 410-912-6363 extension 3190 to speak with a staff member without exiting their vehicle.

Patients arriving for scheduled appointments or tests are encouraged to bring someone who can drop them at the door, park the vehicle, and wait there for the appointment to conclude. If the driver is an approved support person, they will be allowed to escort the patient.

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