Three Easton residents indicted on federal charges for alleged role in drug trafficking ring

Nineteen other Eastern Shore residents facing state drug related charges.

TALBOT CO., Md. – The Talbot County Sheriff is sharing details about an almost year-long investigation into an alleged drug trafficking ring, spanning multiple counties on the Eastern Shore.

“We’re going to keep doing our job. We’re going to keep locking them up, identifying them and taking them down,” says Talbot County Sheriff Joe Gamble. “As they started to develop more and more information, they realized how much bigger this was than just some isolated person dealing drugs in the community.”

Investigators say they ended up finding almost a kilogram of suspected powder cocaine as well as suspected crack cocaine, heroin, suboxone and marijuana.  They say they also recovered more than 71-thousand-dollars in suspected drug money, two handguns, a shot gun and five cars believed to be connected to the organization. “It was a very in depth investigation, very labor intensive,” says Sheriff Gamble.

In all, 22 people have been indicted. Nineteen of them, ranging in age from 20 years old to 68 years old, are facing state charges. The three others: Anthony Banks, his brother Tavon Banks and Latiasha Carter, who police believe were heads of the organization, are facing federal charges.

“The U.S. Attorney’s office indicted those three federally and we believe it will help us to keep these people off our street and destroying our families in our community here,” says Sheriff Gamble.

Sheriff Gamble believes this case is a prime example of how no knock warrants can work effectively. “I mean we did twenty something search warrants in this case. Not one person was injured. Not one person was shot. Not person was injured. Not one person stubbed a toe.”

He’s sure this won’t be the end of cases like this but will rather be a way to show the community they’re here to protect and serve. “Hopefully, arrests like this will help people understand how important it is to have police officers in the community.”

Sheriff Gamble believes changes to Maryland’s justice system in recent years have made things more lenient, creating a “revolving door” for alleged criminals. He believes it’s even more important the he and other law enforcement members continue to testify in Annapolis as police reform bills are proposed in the future.

We’re told many of the drug task force agencies work in conjunction with other agencies, receiving information from people in the community.

To submit tips to the Talbot County Drug Task Force you can call 410-820-8940 or email or at Tipsters may remain anonymous.

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