Same day voter registration bill set to be considered in Delaware, not all are on board

DELAWARE – A bill that would allow same day voter registration has been introduced for consideration in Delaware.

Currently, the state’s voter registration deadline is the fourth Saturday prior to the date of the election. If House Bill 25 is passed, a Delaware resident would be able to register to vote on Election Day as long as they have the following items: an application, a copy of current valid government issued photo ID and a current document displaying the name and address of that person.

However, Senator Brian Pettyjohn says he will likely oppose this bill like he has with similar measures in the past. “In order to ensure the sanctity of our elections here in Delaware, we need to make sure that these voters roles are as accurate as possible. To allow someone to come in at the very last minute and register to vote, calls that into question,” says Sen. Pettyjohn. “With every right, you’ve got a responsibility. And as it is right now, it’s about 30 days before the election you have to register to vote.”

Sen. Pettyjohn believes the current verification process, which involves sending mail out to the voter applicants home, takes time in order to be accurate.

Senator Tray Paradee, who represents Delaware’s 17th Senate District, is one of the bill’s four additional sponsors. If the bill passes, it would be effective January 1st, 2022.

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