Ocean City Council discusses extending Bikefest

OCEAN CITY, Md. – On Tuesday, the Ocean City Council discussed extending Bikefest, making it a 10 day long event.

Right now, the event is set for September 15th through the 19th. The town is trying to figure out whether they should extend the event to either the weekend before that, or the weekend after.

On Tuesday, council members expressed concern about having it the weekend before, because it would mean three September weekends would be occupied by motor vehicle events. They also expressed concern about extending it to the weekend after, because they think having Bikefest coincide with H2Oi might be too difficult for law enforcement to handle.

Mayor Rick Meehan said, “The elephant in the room is the pop up event, it really is. How it impacts all of us, everybody, how it impacts the proposal. There’s just an umbrella of things under which we have to look at and we have to look at it in its entirety.”

In the end, the council did not make a decision on extending the event. They want law enforcement to meet and discuss, and then take things from there

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