“No one should be hungry” – Local organizations ramping up food distribution this holiday season


MARYLAND – No matter if you’re a family with school children, an adult who may have lost your job, or a senior, you can rest assured free food is available this holiday season. That’s thanks to local and state organizations who are working to make sure people don’t go hungry over the holidays. “No one should be hungry during this time of our schools closing,” said Mark Thompson with Emmanuel Wesleyan Church.

Thompson says right now the church is busy with multiple efforts to get food distributed. That includes food delivery on Fridays, and a program where people can pick up food for their friends or loved ones who may not be comfortable doing so. “The face of need has changed. It’s not just the homeless person. These are working people that have either lost their jobs or had their hours cut back,” said Thompson.

Meanwhile The Salvation Army is getting ready to feed hungry seniors throughout the holiday season. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be unpredictable, Captain Matthew Trantham says one thing those seniors can rely on is food delivery efforts. “We’re going to be delivering food Monday and Tuesday next week to about 962 seniors with about 30 to 40 pounds worth of food,” said Trantham.

Both The Salvation Army and Emmanuel Wesleyan Church work closely with the Maryland Food Bank. Senior Regional Programs Director for the Eastern Shore Jennifer Small says going into the winter months, the food bank has been working beside local organizations to anticipate any influx in need. “Hunger doesn’t take a holiday. We had to be prepared and we have to be prepared. So organizations that we partners with, soup kitchens, schools, they have been filling their shelves for months,” said Small.

Emanuel Wesleyan Church and the Salvation Army aren’t the only organizations you can turn to if you’re hungry this holiday season. Salisbury Urban Ministries and The Christian Shelter are working to feed people in Salisbury. The Lazarus Food Pantry at Salisbury Urban Ministries is open every Tuesday and Thursday. They also offer their Kids Cafe program for school children. Plus, the Maryland Food Bank says if you need help finding food you can use their “Find Food” map.

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