Live Green: Innerbloom

OCEAN CITY, MD- If you are looking to spruce up your holiday décor with sustainably sourced plants and local flowers, Innerbloom in Ocean City might have what you are looking for. Check out this week’s Live Green with Meredith Moore, the owner of Innerbloom.

Innerbloom in Ocean City carries a variety of seasonable flowers and plants, which means they have greenery that you can see growing around the Mid-Atlantic this time of year.

“The plants are actually from a grower in York, PA, who acts as the middleman for sourcing. In the spring, we will go through a wholesaler on the Eastern Shore for dahlias, peonies and things like that,” said Meredith Moore.

Since these plants are from the Mid-Atlantic, there is a shorter distance between harvesting the plants to being in your home, minimizing your carbon footprint for travel. Researchers say another eco-friendly perk of growing in season plants is farmers do not need to use harmful fertilizers, which could hurt the environment, to keep these plants alive.

“This time of the year, I have a lot of evergreen and winter green for everyday florals. In store, you can find ferns, orchids, you name it I have it and if not, I can order it for you,” stated Moore.

Plus, on Delmarva, green businesses purchase their ingredients from Innerbloom.  And Innerbloom has even partnered with these sustainable businesses to create products, such as a seasonal scented, soy-based candle at Honey Water Candles and rose flavored kombucha at Real Raw Organics.

“I’m all about partnering with local businesses and keeping it unified by supporting each other. We’re trying to find something new and different to offer seasonally,” said Moore.

Not only do these collaborations highlight the seasonable flora of the Eastern Shore, they also create a sustainable web of sourcing for local ingredients between green businesses on Delmarva.

The owner says with greenery like evergreen in season, she can make holiday decorations like wreaths and garland. To see what’s available or to place an order, please visit their website.

And if you know a green business on Delmarva, please send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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