Lewes couple bringing holiday cheer with more than 50,000 lights, they say lifting spirits is crucial this year

LEWES, Del.- “It is just amazing and put you right in the Christmas spirit, I love it it’s a labor of love that they have,” Pat Hutchinson, resident in the area, said.

It’s the happiest time of the year and for a couple in Lewes they are bringing the holiday cheer with over 50,000 lights in front of their home

“This is my hobby and this is what I do and my husband Tom is happy enough to back me up on my hobby,” Marc-Anthony Worosilo,  the home owner, said.

The couple tells me it’s their seventh year creating a winter wonderland outside of their home.

Each year is special, but this year they knew bringing smiles to their community was something that was really needed.

“It’s a little bit of inviting happiness for them in their lives if they lost somebody to COVID, I lost my cousin,” Worosilo said.

“I hope it warms the heart a little bit 35 you know this is just a tough time of year for so many people not being able to see their loved ones,” Tom Negran, the home owner, said.

The light display is synchronized with 15 different songs.

Complete with light up candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa Clause, and more.

The whole show only last an hour, but the process of setting it all up began back in October.

As you can imagine the work wasn’t easy, but we’re told it was worth it, especially this year when smiles aren’t as easy to come by.

“For it feels really good that people appreciate it,” Negran, said.

“Hopefully, by next Christmas we won’t have to worry about you know the mask of parties or things like that you know I don’t even think, it will be a thing of the pass, but for now just put a smile on people’s faces, I think that’s the main thing,” Worosilo said.

The display will be up at least up until New Year’s.

If you would like to see the display, it’s at 19124 Chartres Street, Four Seasons at Belle Terre, in Lewes.

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