Delaware using opioid manufacturing fee to pay for addiction treatment, services

DELAWARE – Revenue from a bill passed back in 2019 is now being used to prevent opioid overdose deaths in Delaware. It’s also being used to provide addiction treatment services. Opioid manufacturers must pay one cent for any brand name opioid sold in Delaware, and one quarter of a cent for any generic opioid sold.

Now the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services is planning to spend the first $700,000 raised by the fee in the coming months. State Senator Stephanie Hansen spearheaded the bill. She says not only will the money collected strengthen Delaware’s response to the opioid epidemic. It’ll also hold drug makers accountable. “Here you have these large pharmaceutical companies that really weren’t stepping up to help us with addiction treatment and prevention services. This way we are tying this fee to the impact,” said State Sen. Hansen.

The money will be used to expand addiction treatment services in all three counties. Plus, it’ll help purchase more naloxone for the state – which is used in overdose situations. The money will also provide funds for grants to people in treatment or recovery for transportation, housing, or education.

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