Wicomico officials share mid-day election turnout numbers

WICOMICO Co., Md. – Counties across the country reported record early voter turnout this year and Wicomico County election officials will see on Tuesday if that turnout continues locally.

Wicomico County election officials say the Civic Center is likely their busiest polling location on Election Day because there’s more room to accommodate people.

Vlcsnap Error684Officials say as of 11 AM on Election Day, there was about a 56 percent total voter turnout including mail-in ballots, early voting and in-person day of turnout. They’ve had about 13,600 mail-in ballots processed so far but they expect that to go up because of those postmarked on Election Day.

As for early voting, about 19-thousand voted during that time which is a number officials don’t think they’ve hit before. About three-thousand ballots were cast in-person by 11 AM on Election Day.

Wicomico County says there was a 72 percent voter turnout in 2016 and a 79.5 percent voter turnout in 2008.

Maryland is a state that allows voter registration on Election Day but if you do that, prepare for the process to take a little longer.

Polls are open in Maryland and Delaware until 8 PM on Election Day.

Click here to find your vote center in Maryland.

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