Wicomico Habitat for Humanity reminding folks that eviction is still possible

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. – The Wicomico County Habitat for Humanity is raising concerns over evictions. Executive Director Molly Hilligoss says recently folks have reached out to Habitat for Humanity saying they were evicted from their homes. “Even though they’ve applied for assistance the landlord has told them it’s great that you’ve applied. You don’t have to come to court. But that is wrong. You have to go to court. You have to tell the judge that you’ve applied for assistance,” said Hilligoss.

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that since they resumed evictions back in August they’ve evicted 74 people. Hilligoss says the biggest thing she wants people to know is that they should make sure they have proof of applying for housing assistance before they go to court if they’re being evicted. “They have to prove that they lost hours. They need that letter. They need to take that to court if they have a failure to pay rent placed against them. They have to go to court other wise there is a chance that the sheriff will knock on the door,” said Hilligoss.

Hilligoss also says people who are worried about being evicted should plan ahead. Hilligoss says that means making sure they have safe places to keep their belongings, important documents, and to save money if they can. For folks living within Salisbury city limits, they can find rental assistance through Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services. For those outside city limits, they can get assistance from the Wicomico County Habitat for Humanity.

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