Travel numbers down for Salisbury’s airport this Thanksgiving holiday

SALISBURY, Md. – Local airport officials say travel numbers are down this Thanksgiving. “With the uptick in coronavirus cases obviously we think that’s going to have some impact on travel now and in the immediate future,” said Salisbury Ocean City Regional Airport Manager Tony Rudy.

Rudy says over the past several months overall passenger numbers are down about 65%. This week travel has picked slightly, but Tony Rudy says there’s still a noticeable dip. “Traffic’s been moderate as expected. It’s not as heavy as your normal year. But we are seeing a number of passengers come through here,” said Rudy.

Rudy adds that leading up to Thanksgiving this year passenger numbers were starting to tick up. But they still weren’t really sure what to expect. “Initially the outlook was for the passengers to come back in better numbers than we were expecting. But then with the increase in positive cases of the coronavirus, I think that’s going to have an effect on the travel,” said Rudy.

However, if you are traveling out of the airport in Salisbury, of course you can expect it to look different than it might have in the past. “We’re following state guidelines as far as that we do have postings on the entrance doors when you come in to wear masks, to social distance. We have rigorous cleaning,” said Rudy.

Rudy says while the airport is following safety guidelines, he recommends that those flying this Turkey Day do the same. “For travelers, just use common sense. Follow state and CDC guidelines. Remember that masks are required when you’re on your flight,” said Rudy.

As far as the numbers for how many people flew out of the airport for Thanksgiving, Rudy says we might not know them for sure for a couple of weeks.

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