TidalHealth officials explain new COVID-19 treatment

SALISBURY, Md. – TidalHealth will be the first site on the Eastern Shore allowed to distribute a new COVID-19 treatment. Medical experts told 47abc, although this is a great step towards fighting the pandemic, there’s still a lot they have to figure out.

“It’s exciting, all these new avenues are both exciting and terrifying at the same time,” says Chief Quality Officer of TidalHealth, Dr. Chris Snyder.

Due to the number of COVID-19 cases, and the size of TidalHealth’s facilities, they were chosen to use a new treatment that officials say has the ability to potentially lower future hospitalizations.

Senior director of pharmacy services at TidalHealth, Dr. John Jordan say, “this new medication, called Bamlanivimab, is a human immunoglobulin called a monoclonal antibody, and it’s designed to target a particular portion of the sars-cov-2 or COVID virus.”

Officials say this treatment is designed for patients who have COVID-19. It can be given to adults and children above the age of twelve, who have mild to moderate underlying conditions. However, if you are already hospitalized, you are not eligible for the treatment.

“This is really targeting certain populations certain people within the COVID positive population, and those patients that we consider high risk and more likely to go on and develop severe COVID-19 infections that require hospitalization,” says Dr. Jordan.

Dr. John Jordan at TidalHealth also explains that a doctor will examine you after a COVID positive test, and if you meet certain high risk criteria, they may recommend you for the therapy.

“By doing so, we would give this as in IV, intravenous infusion, over a one hour period and hopefully it could help improve the symptoms, and prevent some patients from going on to develop the severe diseases,” says Dr. Jordan.

While TidalHealth is the first to be approved for this treatment, health officials say, as it becomes more available, other hospitals will likely gain access in hopes of continuing to fight COVID-19.

Six other hospitals in Maryland will be in the first wave of facilities authorized to use the drug. Dr. Chris Snyder also tells 47 abc, he’d love to see health officials eradicate COVID in the next year.

COVID-19 Treatment Press Release

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