Residents react to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the presidential election

DELMARVA – After a long tense period of counting ballots on Saturday former Democratic vice president Joe Biden was elected 46th president of the United States.

But President Donald Trump is pushing back saying the people did not have an honest vote count and on Delmarva, some people are raising concerns about the election.

“We have to keep the faith that President Trump was prepared for this and he knew this was coming,” said Sussex County resident Lauren Witzke.

“He’s been calling this for months and they had a plan, and the truth will prevail,” said Witzke.

With Biden’s clinch to the presidency Democrat Kamala Harris will become the first black and South Asian woman to be vice president. And some people say they’re looking forward to new changes after a disappointing four years under the Trump administration.

“This president currently Donald Trump promised to fight for working people and for the last four years he did not do that,” said Jared Schablein, a Wicomico County resident.

On top of that, Schablein believes with Biden as president he will also be representing the Delmarva peninsula while working to build a better future.

“Whether you voted for Trump, whether you voted for Biden, or whether you voted third party, I think we can all be proud of the fact that the Delmarva peninsula is going to the White House,” said Schablein.

But other people tell us they believe with a fight in court Trump will ultimately stay in the White House.

“This is what we’re going to see,” said Witzke.

“We’re going to see a win for President Trump,” said Witzke, “We’re going to see them fight with every fiber of their being, fight the voter fraud and stop this steal and that is what I’m counting on.”

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