Rehoboth Beach adopts new holiday display policy ahead of 2020 holiday season

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – The City of Rehoboth Beach has issued a new policy regarding holiday displays. During a recent commissioners meeting, officials voted to adopt the policy ahead of the holiday season. The policy states that no private holiday displays will be permitted on the city’s public property. But private holiday displays will be allowed to be displayed on private property. This policy comes months after a lawsuit was filed against the city for not allowing a nativity scene to be displayed at the Bandstand. But, Mayor Stan Mills tells 47 ABC this policy was simply created so the city could move forward, and clear up any confusion.

“We’re really not looking backward we’re looking forward and that’s where this policy being formalized I think looking forward and tells everybody again what the rules are and what’s allowed and what’s not allowed,” said Mills.

Mayor Mills adds that the city has approved funding for the city manager to use to create a holiday display that celebrates the cultural diversity of the resort town, and that display will be assembled and put up in the near future.

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