One Pittsville family putting smiles on families faces with a Christmas display

PITTSVILLE, Md.- If you need a place to help you get into the holiday spirit, a home in Pittsville may be where you need to go.

Marsha Newton and her husband have been creating a Christmas display outside of their home for three years now and call it “Christmas Town Pittsville.”

They put up lights, santas, blow up displays, and more.

Kids even have the opportunity to get a train ride, get candy canes, and coloring books.

We are told this year due the pandemic they wanted to make things more spectacular because they know the Christmas Holiday won’t be the same for kids.

“Just to try to bring some Christmas spirit for everybody because it has been a horrible year for everybody and there’s a lot of people who don’t have work you know that are just really suffering right now, we just want to spread cheer,” Marsha Newton, a host of the display, said.

The Christmas wonderland is located 6685 Friendship Rd.

The whole thing is free, but tomorrow and Friday’s and Saturdays through January second they’ll be doing train rides and giving away hot chocolate.

We’re told people will be required to wear face masks and social distance.

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