Ocean City Fire Dept. demonstrates how to fry a turkey safely

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OCEAN CITY, Md. – There’s no doubt deep fried turkey is delicious. But it can also be dangerous to make. “It does taste great. It tastes different – the texture and the taste is great. But again, we want to make sure everyone does it safely,” said Ocean City Fire Department Chief Richard Bowers.

The Ocean City Fire Department recommends if you do fry your turkey to follow these tips.  Stay at least ten feet clear of any structures, like buildings or decks and garages.  Also don’t do it inside a garage or on a deck. When you do set up your fryer, make sure you do it on a flat area.  Lastly, when it comes time to cook the bird make sure you pat it dry and that its fully thawed before you use a hook to lower it into your oil. “What we want to make sure of is that you fry your turkey and not your house. Unfortunately on Thanksgiving day throughout the United States, but in particular here in Ocean City and the surrounding communities, Thanksgiving day is a very buys day for fires in the kitchen,” said Chief Bowers.

Chief Bowers tells 47ABC if you follow all the steps correctly, you should deep fry the turkey for about three and a half minutes per pound.

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