Gov. Larry Hogan announced an additional $70 million in CARES act funding

MARYLAND- On Thursday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced an additional $70 million dollars in CARES act funding for the state.

“The 70 million dollars of new investments I’ve announced today will help us to protect the health and safety of Marylanders,” Governor Hogan said.

Governor Hogan said coronavirus cases are surging across Maryland, so much so, that the state’s 7-day positivity rate has reached 5.65%.

Earlier in the week, the Governor announced new and renewed coronavirus restrictions, so he’s hoping those restrictions, paired with this additional funding, will help turn things around.

“As we renew and redouble our efforts to flatten the curve once again we are also committed to doing anything we can to help struggling Maryland families and small businesses,” Governor Hogan said.

This additional funding will be allocated to many different organizations and services.

Most of the money will go towards buying more PPE.

“We’re adding another 20 million dollars to continue building up our strategic stockpile of PPE,” Governor Hogan said.

$15 million dollars will go to the Maryland Department of Labor to provide additional fraud detection measures and to beef up staffing.

“To have even more staffing to again ramp up the call center and to invest in more adjudication staffing, customer service management software,” Governor Hogan said.

Governor Hogan adds that $10 million dollars will go towards mass vaccination planning, $10 million will support the work of food banks, and another $10 million will go towards rental assistance, and while the Governor hopes this funding will help Marylanders, he urges everyone to do their part in the fight against COVID-19.

“Our leaders in Washington on both sides of the aisle need to put the politics aside, do their jobs, and get this done for the American people,” Governor Hogan said.

CARES act funding will also go towards foster care providers,  SNAP and energy assistance programs.

$1 million dollars will also go towards a new wastewater testing initiative, where crews will sample wastewater as an early warning system of a COVID-19 outbreak.

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