Delaware woman helping The Shepherd’s Office through “Fresh Start Fundraiser,” needs community support

GEORGETOWN, Del.- One Delaware mom is looking for sponsors to help her put together toiletry cases for the homeless.

Jenna Mumford said she recently started the “Fresh Start Fundraiser” for the Shepherds Office.

Here’s how it works, she’s asking people to spend twelve dollars to sponsor a case.

Each case will be filled with the everyday essentials like toothpaste and soap.

Mumford will be filling these cases herself, then giving them to The Shepherd’s Office for them to distribute to those in need.

We’re told since the start of the pandemic the need for these items has grown and Mumford hopes people will step up to help those struggling.

“I want them you know feeling that there’s people out there that want to help them,” Jenna Mumford, organizer for the fundraiser, said. “I’ve always been one to give back and I really hope that everybody who sees it will think the same you know, that’s one person I can help.”

We’re told this fundraiser will go until the end of November.

If you would like to sponsor a case, you can reach out to the Shepherd’s Office on their Facebook page.

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